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  1. Basida Reply
    C library function - sin() - The C library function double sin(double x) returns the sine of a radian angle x.
  2. Sara Reply
    Mar 18,  · There are different ways to create a multiplication signs (x) in your laptop or computer. I provided you here 3 options. Out of these 3 options, there is 1 option that can create the multiplication sign or symbol in just a click of a button.
  3. Kazralabar Reply
    May 13,  · x / (sin (38)) = 30 / (sin (96)) I am assuming that these are degrees (but it does not change anything). multiply both sides by sin (38) x sin (38) / sin (38) = 30 sin (38) / sin (96).
  4. Moogurg Reply
    Multiple choice questions on trigonometric identities with answers at the bottom of the page. Question 1 Which of the following is not an identity? a) sin 2 a+cos 2 a = 1 b) sin a = tan a * cos a c) 1 + cot 2 a = csc 2 a d) 1 - sec 2 a = tan 2 a Question 2 Which of the following is an identity? a) sin (a) cos (a) = (1/2) sin(2 a) b) sin a.
  5. Faera Reply
    The first instance of polygamy/bigamy in the Bible was that of Lamech in Genesis “Lamech married two women.” Several prominent men in the Old Testament were polygamists. Abraham, Jacob, David, Solomon, and others all had multiple wives. Solomon had wives and concubines (essentially wives of a lower status), according to 1.
  6. Nikoshakar Reply
    a sin A = b sin B = c sin C. It works for any triangle: a, b and c are sides. A, B and C are angles. (Side a faces angle A, side b faces angle B and side c faces angle C). And it says that: When we divide side a by the sine of angle A it is equal to side b divided by the sine of angle B.
  7. Gashura Reply
    Aug 21,  · -sin(x) multiplied by sin(4x/3) is there a better answer than that (ie. simplified)? for those who want to help me solve the full equation, i'm differentiating y= sin(4x/3) cos(x) using the product rule.
  8. Moogujora Reply
    Multiplayer is available in Divinity: Original Sin 2 in both online and offline versions. Players may enjoy split-screen "couch co-op" or join online sessions from other players, or any combination therein. Please note there's no cross-platform multiplayer: Those playing on PC cannot play with PS4 or Xbox One Players, and PS4 and Xbox One cannot cross-play across platforms either.